Springin’ Into Spring

Hello, All!

It has been some time since I have updated our D123 blog and I apologize for that! We have a lot of fun coming up as we are approaching the end of the year.

Related image  In Reading Class we have been talking about Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences, Context Clues, Word Reference Materials (Dictionary, Glossaries, etc.), and Author’s Purpose!  With Author’s Purpose, students completed a fun project in which they read a book on an animal topic and then became experts on their topics. They had to then write to Persuade, Inform, and Entertain me on their topic. They had a lot of fun with it, as their role was an expert and an author! This enabled them to apply their understanding of the three authors purposes we learned.

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We are now moving into research. We are talking about internet safety and research tips. Students will be completing another project with a partner to apply their understanding. We love projects in D123!! We will also spend a lot of time reviewing content, as we are approaching SOL’s.

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   In Science, we wrapped up weather and moved into the Solar System. We learned about the planets and then had an open notes quiz. We talked about each planet, their distances from the sun, their size order from largest to smallest, and the dwarf planets. Now we are moving into talking about the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon in more detail. We will be covering revolutions, rotations, moon phases, and more!

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Important Dates and Reminders…..

April 5– Grizzly Games                April 6– Field Trip/ AG Day

April 8-17 SPRING BREAK          April 18 – Pep Rally(Booster A Thon)


*May 4- VA Studies SOL

*May 10 and 11 – Reading SOL

*May 17– Math SOL

*May 19– Math Retakes



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The Month Of Love

When I think of loving, I think of all of my amazing lovebug students in D 123. I love each and every on of them! Another month of cold weather, and hopefully we will see warmer temperatures. Although, I must admit, Winter hasn’t been SO bad around here….

What’s going on in D 123?!?!Image result for heart clip art

In Reading, we just started a new skill. The skill is Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences. When reading, authors are not always so clear about what their “message” is, therefore, as good readers we must draw conclusions and make inferences based on what we know. We are beginning a new story – Lou Gehrig, The Luckiest Man. We have new vocabulary and are working on our reading skill throughout this awesome story! We will also be having a lot of guided reading.  In Grammar, we are learning about Possessive Nouns and we will also be discussing double negatives in writing. I plan to teach the students about Explanatory writing and have them write their own essay coming up very soon. We will look at examples and talk about the structure of the essay.Image result for book clip art

In Science, we are continuing our unit on Weather. Last week, we did a group reading activity where we read a Time for Kids booklet about weather and answered questions. We will be sharing out this information through the week. We will also continue talking about types of clouds, precipitation, weather tools, and more! Before I know it…. I will have a class of mini meteorologists! 🙂

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*Interims will come home on Thursday, 2/2. You will get a letter with your child’s Fountas and Pinnell reading level.

*Parent Teacher conferences will be held on Thursday, 2/16. Information will be coming home soon with your child. Please be on the look out for the papers. It is optional to sign up. Please sign up if you are having concerns about your child. I will also reach out to any parents I feel necessary to discuss concerns.

*Your child may bring in Valentines/treats to exchange on Tuesday, 2/14. We will do this in the afternoon. This is optional. We have a sign up sheet in the classroom. NO peanuts. Please make sure your child brings in enough items if he/she wishes to participate. We have 26 kiddos! A letter was sent home today about this.
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Bring It On, 2017!

Hello, all! Thank you for checking in. I apologize I have not updated the blog since around Thanksgiving time. We are wrapping up the second nine weeks as we are moving into the holiday! Nevertheless, we are still having loads of fun in D 123.
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Important update: —Benchmarks—

Students completed their VA Studies Benchmark on Monday, December 12th. The Reading Benchmark is Wednesday, December 14th, the Math Benchmark is Monday, December 19th, and the Science Benchmark is Friday, December 16th.

In Reading, we are working on Cause and Effect relationships. Students have done many cut and paste activities and have been reading passages to identify the cause and effect. We watch videos for this as well. We love some fun technology!

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In Science, we concluded our unit on Electricity and took our exam. This week, the week of December 12th, we are simply doing review activities. We are right where we need to be with the curriculum, so we are not starting our new unit until after the holiday break. Just as a reminder… 4th grade Science is content heavy, so it is important that you take time to review with your child on a weekly basis. We do this in class, however the extra reinforcement can only help them.

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Week of December 19th– What’s coming up?!?!

–> On Monday, we have the Math Benchmark Exam.

–> On Tuesday, we have the school wide sing along.

–> On Wednesday, we have our holiday celebration!

**The celebration will be holiday based. We created a sign-up sheet for items students would like to bring in. **Nothing with peanuts** I will send out reminder notes on Friday. If your child signed up for something, he or she will get a note. I am welcoming some parents to come volunteer and perhaps do a craft or activity with the students. If interested, you must tell me and let me know what you would like to do beforehand. I do not want too many parents, however, because the small room may get too packed! 🙁

Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement in your child’s education. As always, please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. csullivan@ccps.us

From all of us in Room D 123…. Have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday/New Year! Check back in the new year for updates.

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Have A Great Thanksgiving!

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Last Thursday we had a GREAT time on our Jamestown Field trip. Thanks to all of the awesome chaperones who volunteered!

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In Reading, we wrapped up our story, Wildfires, which is nonfiction. We are learning the skill of Main Idea. Our story fits in perfectly. We filled out a graphic organizer together and had a great discussion as we were reading. The students loved the story!

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When we come back from Thanksgiving, we will continue with this skill before moving into Cause and Effect. We will also incorporate some grammar lessons after break.

In Science, we are rolling along with our unit on Electricity! This is rather a long unit and it is information heavy. We have been doing some practice activities in class. We did a vocabulary activity to practice our new words….These are also on our word wall. We will continue on with this unit over the next few weeks.

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Reminders….Image result for star clip art

  • Please be sure to check your child’s agenda on a nightly/weekly basis so you know about assignments
  • Please send a snack with your child daily– we have snack time around 3:15 pm (after recess)
  • Please return signed interims!

I hope all of my students have a great Thanksgiving break! Check back soon for the next update. 🙂


November- The Month Of Thankfulness

Hello, All!

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about our turkey feast, giving thanks, spending time with our loved ones, and getting ready for Santa Clause! Room D 123 has been having a lot of fun as we move into this holiday season. Recently, we had a parent volunteer, Mrs. St. John, create our thankful tree outside of our classroom. Within the next week or so, we will be tracing our hands to put up around the tree telling what we are thankful for. It is a lovely display! I plan to post a picture soon!Image result for thankful tree clip art

In Reading we have been learning about text structure and we read Finding The Titanic by Robert Ballard. It was an awesome story. As an extension activity, we worked on a project in class where students had to pick a place they wanted to explore…. Any place in the world. Since the Titanic was explored in the story, we got our turn to be our own explorers, create maps, do research, and write a report. It was a whole lot of fun! We have a test tomorrow on the story, November 7th. The next skill we will be moving into is Main Idea.Image result for titanic ship clip art

In Science, we are about to take a test on Wednesday, November 9th, which will contain questions from all three of our science units to far. We are just wrapping up our short unit on Force, Energy, and Motion. We learned a lot of interesting information.

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It’s Already October?

  Time sure is flying by! I cannot believe we are already in the month of October. Happy Fall, everyone!  In D123, we have exciting stuff going on, as always.   pumpkin

  In Reading, we have been talking about problem and solution as our skill. We will continue to focus on this in our guided reading groups. We took a quiz on Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones. We also baked our own Synonym Rolls!! (Instead of Cinnamon) It was so fun! We will be continuing with problem and solution and we will soon receive our narrative writing rough drafts back to begin our final drafts. Please be patient, Ms. Sullivan has a lot of reading and revising to do!

In Science, we have been talking about the Scientific Method. It is very interesting! We have been talking about data, graphs, and a whole lot of important vocabulary. This vocabulary is now on our word wall. We will continue fun activities through the week. We may even begin an experiment next Monday!!

In Enrichment, we will be starting a book report project. We will also be starting our extra support learning groups. Learning is under way and we are having a great year in D123. Ms. Sullivan has a great group of super stars who continue to share awesome stories with her.

Moving forward, we need to focus on getting in line quicker, following directions, turning in assignments, and staying in our learning positions. We will talk about this more during the week. Great shout outs on Friday!

*Reminder- Reading Logs are due on Fridays, Spelling Tests are on Fridays, Word Study Notebooks are due on Fridays with THREE Spelling activities in them as homework, AS WELL AS classwork from the week.

*Additional assignments are always written on the board and this is reviewed daily. Read your agendas, please.



Third Week of School

The week before Labor Day weekend… It was a good one!

In Reading, we talked more about Context Clues and how to use them while reading. We did some interactive activities on the smart board to review. We also did guided reading and work with our spelling words. On Friday, students turned in their reading logs, received their new reading logs, and tested on Spelling! New words were given out for the week of 9/5. Study your words, please! 🙂

In Science, we continued discussing Food Chains and Food Webs. We utilized the smart board in order to do some interactive games. Students had the chance to come up and create their own Food Chains. They had a lot of fun! We also did a fluency activity where students had to read a passage and time their partner. The passages contained science vocabulary words. Next week we will begin talking about Animal Niches.

Keep up the awesome work, students! Happy Labor Day!flag

Second Week of School

We made it through another exciting week of school in Room D 123! The week went by pretty fast. In our classroom, we take time to recognize and appreciate STELLAR student behavior. We have a “Student Shout out” box that we read through on Friday afternoons as a class, and then we reflect on our week. Student shout outs can be written at any time during the week. We have had some super stars that have been in the spot light with awesome role model behavior! Keep it up! During our reflection in class, we discussed things we did excellent with throughout the week, and things we could improve on for weeks to follow. Students enjoy doing this. stars clip art

In Reading, we began working in small groups for both Reading and Spelling. We typically start with some sort of whole group lesson and then proceed to small groups. We read some leveled reader books and made fun predictions. We had our Predicting Quiz on Thursday. This week we also learned about different types of sentences (declarative, imperative, exclamatory, interrogative). We did activities to enforce this skill. We will be quizzed on Wednesday. At the beginning of next week we will do lots of review! Finally, we turned in our Reading logs. These will get turned in every Friday. Students will then be given a new one for the following week on Friday. They must remember to read 80 minutes (for the whole week) and get a parent signature! This is a wonderful way to promote reading.composition book clip art


In Science, we learned more about adaptations and reviewed. We also learned about the ecosystem and different levels of organization within them. Finally, we learned about food chains and food webs. We will continue to review. Students also completed a cut and paste activity. I love hearing students’ scientific thoughts! ecosystem clip art

First Week of School

Hello, all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful first week of school in 4th grade! It was my absolute pleasure to get to know each and every one of my students. As a brief overview, last week we began discussing predictions in my Reading classes. We learned some predicting strategies and talked about when good readers predict (before, during, and after reading). We also completed a variety of activities to go along with the skill. The students in my Reading classes will be quizzed on Thursday, August 25th, on the skill of predicting. We will review again prior to the quiz.  predicting

In my Science classes, we began learning about animal adaptations, both structural and behavioral. Students identified the meaning of both of these, and provided examples as well. Additionally, we learned about the organization of levels in an ecosystem. Each day we review the previous days’ class and continue on with science notes. We continue to use the great strategy of highlighting in my Science classes! Students love it. adaptations clip art

I am impressed with how hard my students have been working so far this year. I expect good behavior and hard work. With good behavior and hard work, success can be achieved. Thank you to my students for making the first week very memorable. Here’s to a great school year!smiley face

Welcome to Room D123’s Classroom Blog!

Welcome to Classroom D 123! I am extremely excited for this school year! This week in my classes I am spending most of the time going over rules, expectations, and procedures. I am also doing some engaging activities with my students to get to know them, and also for them to get to know their classmates. We are off to a great start of the year! I will be updating this class blog again soon. Please reach out to me with any questions you may have, or just to chat. 🙂 Happy Learning!